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As one of the premier names in live event marketing staff and talent, Productions Plus-The Talent Shop is always looking ahead at developing trends and new event technology. And since we partner with so many of the biggest brands in the world for engagement marketing, it is of critical importance that we keep current, identify challenges, and find the best talent while bringing these brands to life in the event marketing setting.

In tracking trends across a variety of events like music festivals, technology conferences, trade shows and auto shows, the developments in technology are astounding. And while many of these events may feature new technology, consumers may not know how to experience or interact with it. It’s becoming clear to most industry insiders that these impressive developments also require a human component.

Here are a few areas where a talent agency like Productions Plus, can help bridge the gap between new technology and a consumer-friendly experience:

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality DemoAs VR technology has grown, we’ve seen it widely used by many of our clients at all types of events where we provide the staff. It’s been a fantastic way to show consumers a unique experience, where they can “live” the moment, instead of merely talk about it. VR setups can transport people directly into the future. But how can they keep one-foot grounded in thehere and now while keeping an eye on the future? Specialized talent.  While a VR headset provides the image, consumers still need the live assistance that helps manage the interactive experience.  Everything from a narrated and scripted presentation delivered by one of our amazing and engaging hosts taking you into that virtual world, to a smiling Brand Ambassador who helps with all logistics that include managing thousands of consumers at a live event.  VR brings a unique experience, and our talent helps bring it to life, while ensuring the best possible demonstration.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Toyota BaWith the advent of RFID scanners, we’ve seen a more streamlined process when it comes to event registration, check-in, and the overall live event experience for consumers.  Whether it’s wristbands or name badges, the “quick scan” has cut down on wait times and lines, and has allowed consumers to enjoy more event time, and less wait time. And while the badges are scanned, our talent has helped manage all areas of a guest experience.  From data entry, to lead generation, to maneuvering through the crowded event space, the live and in-person interaction is one that helps guide your guests along the RFID path for a more enjoyable experience.

Facial Recognition and Social Media

Social Media Event TechnologyCamera technology has already exploded onto the event marketing scene, and as more and more event spaces encourage fun with photos, there’s a new growing aspect with facial recognition. Social media photo tagging has become a big way for events to gain momentum, capture enthusiasm, and allow consumers to share their experiences across platforms. As this technology improves, users can more easily “capture the moment” and include the right people in the process.  And as event managers and staff look to encourage more photos, more sharing, and more tags, facial recognition can often help the process along. Instead of missing out on one person’s name, handle, or profile, the technology piece can take care of this so that all guests can relive the fun and choose where event photos are posted. The friendly Brand Ambassador can snap the shot and filter in some fun, and facial recognition technology can ensure it gets delivered to the right places.

Live Streaming

More and more social media influencers have utilized live streaming to keep their followers engaged. Now with various platforms allowing some version of a live stream or short video capture, those attending live events have realized this unique recording is a big draw to their audience. Want to reach all 10,000 of your followers and show them how cool your experience is at SXSW, the Daytona 500, or the downtown Food and Wine Fest? A photo is worth a thousand words, but a live stream is worth so much more!

Carpool Karaoke Live StreamOur live event specialists have participated and arranged thousands of recorded and streamed “tours” through a variety of experiences at events.  And while FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can be a real thing, the live stream, with the live talent assist, can turn that fear into its own unique experience.  What has surprised many, especially event marketers, is how live streaming has often led to an increase in event attendance!  Once people see it on screen, they realize how great it would be to attend this event.  It’s almost a way to try it before you buy it for an experiential event. What was originally thought to be a sure-fire way to decrease event attendance has quickly been a boon to increasing audiences, live and in-person.  Spokespeople, hosts, emcees, and various other specialists have been a key ingredient to these live streams, and their faces and voices have led to increased participation across all platforms.

As more of these trends take shape and play a larger role in Event Marketing, we’ve found the best success in utilizing the expertise of the boots on the ground – the TALENT!  They see what guests see, watch reactions, engage with consumers, and then provide valuable insight to what’s needed to make the most of an event. And that includes the latest and greatest technology trends. And as “new” technology grows to eventually become commonplace in the event world, the other necessary component is a friendly face to “make” the experience. Productions Plus-The Talent Shop has a unique asset in our long-term, top-notch talent. As the face of your brand, they are also the face of our entire Agency

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