Research & Insights

Productions Plus has been helping top brands tell their story for decades. Through research, we help inform and inspire stories. We do this via quantitative and qualitative research leveraging Nationally Representative and Targeted samples from across the country. We can also tap into the Productions Plus Talent Panel.

Event Metrics

To help clients tell a more complete story about the impact of auto shows and experiential marketing event activations, we created a proprietary measurement solution to capture sentiment and details of consumer engagements.

Aggregated metrics tell the story of the total number of consumer engagements, current ownership, traffic flow, change in purchase funnel stages, length of conversation, product(s) of interest and more.
Metrics are available via real-time interactive dashboards.

Insight and Inspiration

Through our research services, we are able to provide our clients with valuable insights and inspiration to inform and guide their storytelling efforts. Our research can help inform media strategies, guide product development, and demonstrate ROI. With decades of experience, Productions Plus is a trusted partner in helping top brands tell their story.

Talent Panel

Talent from Productions Plus are known entities who are comfortable on camera, articulate, and ready to participate in B2C and B2B research studies.


Productions Plus has a nationwide database of Talent who actively participate in both quantitative and qualitative research.

Talent Relationships

Our relationship with our talent results in studies with faster turnaround, higher show rates, and overall higher quality engagement.

Experienced Talent

Our Talent are experts across a wide array of industries including Health and Beauty, Travel, Fitness, and Fashion. Talent often work full-time jobs in IT, Education, and Healthcare.

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