Sirens of Chrome

Sirens of Chrome


Ladies and gentlemen…rev your engines for a joyride through auto show history. Dozens of photographs of human hood ornaments and fast cars will bring you back and drive you forward – from turn-of-the-century goddesses and 1950s sexpots to the sleek sophistication of today’s auto show spokespeople.

Sirens of Chrome is a hardcover visual joyride through auto show history. The focus isn’t simply sheet metal; it’s on the distinctly human presence. These human hood ornaments are descendents of the Sirens of ancient Greek lore. They seek not to dash ships upon rocks but to entice the purchase of land-worthy ships to sail upon the highways and byways of America. Sirens of Chrome includes dozens of photographs, programs, and posters culled from the libraries, corporate files, and auto enthusiast portfolios, capturing decades of hot vehicles and torrid models. Discover whose “body” inspired the Rolls-Royce hood ornament or sit in a “rumble seat” with 1930s silver-screen goddess Joan Blondell. Gawk at over-the-top opulence of the Somali leopard pelt-upholstered 1957 Cadillac Debutante, sing along with Dinah Shore while you “See the U.S.A. in Your Chevrolet” or shake your head in wonder at the fur bikini-clad model atop a soviet-built Lada. Enjoy the ride!


Margery Krevsky Dosey

About the Author

Margery Krevsky Dosey cofounded Productions Plus in 1981, and the agency rapidly became one of the major players in selecting and training talent for auto shows. Instead of bowing to the prevailing demand for women in ball gowns and short shorts, Krevksy took a risk with Pontiac, and then other automakers, presenting the talent in sophisticated business attire.

At her insistence, models became trained as product information specialists so they could entice customers with facts. Her knowledge of the fashion and talent industries along with behind-the-scenes insights and personal anecdotes make Sirens of Chrome all the more engaging. Productions Plus is based in the Detroit suburb of Bingham Farms, Michigan.