At Productions Plus, we believe in the power of storytelling and the magic that happens when talented individuals come together to bring a brand or project to life.

Automotive Staffing

We can help you increase brand awareness and drive sales through targeted and effective brand representation.

Automotive Talent

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the automotive industry and is equipped to provide top-notch product specialists for auto shows across the country.

Woman at Lexus trade show interacting with visitors
Auto show speaker presenting in front of a Lexus

Coaching & Training

We offer a variety of training programs for both individuals and teams. Our experienced trainers will work with you to identify your needs and develop a customized training plan.

Train the trainer

Our train the trainer program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead and facilitate training sessions.

Training development

Our team of experts can assist with the development of new training programs or the revamping of existing ones.

Coaching And Training

Event Staffing

Productions Plus utilizes event staff who are pro-active, poised, professional and engaging to help you bring your event to life. We know that our staff acts as the “face of your brand” and we are passionate about delivering quality talent and boutique-level account management service.

Event Staffing Capabilities

From Narrators/Presenters/Emcees to Brand Ambassadors and Product Demonstrators, our agency specializes in providing excellence in brand representation.

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Research & Insights

We connect with customers and capture insights into what makes engagements and brands successful.  

Data-driven Storytelling

Our team creates custom research studies for data-driven storytelling including mediagenic studies, product development, and other real-time data to tell compelling stories that engage audiences and inform decisions.

Metrics and Insights

Our research and insights team captures metrics and tells the story of engagement through data. We highlight trends, create profiles, and inform decisions for staffing and creating future engaging events.

Qualitative research participants

We work with research companies around the country to leverage our talent for qualitative research projects. Clients benefit from higher show rates, quality respondents, and faster turnaround times, while our talent benefits from the opportunity to participate in interesting research projects during downtimes.

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Retail Demonstrations


Our demonstrators are experts at showcasing products and services in a way that engages and educates consumers.

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At Productions Plus, we are proud to be the largest SAG/AFTRA-franchised talent management agency in the Midwest. Our in-house casting department has the knowledge and resources to successfully cast for any project, big or small.

Film. TV. Stage. Commercials. Voiceovers.
A director filming a woman in a red dress
A woman smiling while speaking into a professional mic
Two automotive staff members posing at the Lexus auto show

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