Who We Are

We are pioneers in our field. We are thought leaders and experts in our niche. We are well-informed and well-connected. We have an intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses enabled by a diverse set of capabilities and experience. We have the passion and drive to generate meaningful results. That’s who we are.

We Provide Excellence in Brand Representation

Productions Plus – The Talent Shop provides some of the world’s best known brands with full-service talent management in automotive, live event, and trade show staffing, product demonstration, retail merchandising, TV / film / commercial / voiceover and more.


Powered by the resources of a national agency, we are driven by one goal: to meet our clients’ marketing needs with the right people and the best talent – enhanced by boutique-level service and a passion for creating meaningful results.


We are the largest SAG/AFTRA-franchised, full-service talent management agency in Michigan, and we are the leading provider of auto show product specialists in the United States.


We were founded in 1981 in the heart and soul of the automotive industry in Detroit. With additional offices located in Orange County, Dallas, and New York City, we have the resources of a national talent agency, but pride ourselves on providing boutique-level service to a client roster that encompasses top automotive manufacturers, marketing and advertising firms, movie and casting companies and Fortune 100 companies.

Company Leadership

Company Leadership

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