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Happy 2019! It’s a new year and we have already been witness to some significant changes. The swearing in of the 116th Congress has the highest number of women ever taking office. This historical shift in politics- for all parties and all people- is mirroring a cultural shift being echoed throughout America and all industries.

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Last quarter I had the privilege of attending an awards ceremony in NYC where a leader spoke about the role women leaders play in influencing and mentoring other women. Her quote was simply, “you have to SEE it to BE it.”

That statement really resonated with me. At Productions Plus, I believe we have SEEN we can be anything we want to BE. Our CEO, Margery Krevsky, founded this company because she had a vision of what women could achieve. She saw that models could be more than just their looks for brand messaging. Over 20 years later our employees still see her in the office being actively involved in her company at a time in life that most would check out. We SEE clients who are living and breathing great work. We are small enough as an organization that we can approach our leaders every day. My team has access to our CFO, VP and Executive Director team every day. Margery has created a company that allows us to SEE a job we want and go for it! We have success modeled for us every day.

This year I will be thinking of Congress, of Margery, my own working mother and of all the women in my life who helped pave the way to my becoming President of Productions Plus. I plan to be mindful of the role I play in other women’s lives and how each of us has the capability to inspire daily. Let’s all challenge each other this year to educate, empower and mentor those who have and will come after us. Male AND female. Let’s have a prosperous year while positioning 2020 to smash even more records.

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