Hedy Popson on panel with two other women for International Women's Day

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Hey there! Women’s History Month is the perfect time to shout out how proud we are at Productions Plus for being certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WNEBC). It’s not just a label for us; it’s a reflection of our journey, filled with female-led strength and innovation. From being a top-notch talent agency to rocking conference staffing, we’re all about empowering women in business.

At Productions Plus, we’re not just a team; we’re a family that values empowerment and inclusivity. Being a women-owned and operated powerhouse means we’re serious about making a difference and opening doors for women in every area we touch, be it promo modeling or theatrical representation. And yeah, we’re pretty awesome at things like research and recruiting too, showing off our dedication and excellence.

Our CEO, Hedy Popson’s, leadership is all about passion, innovation, and resilience.  She recently took our mission of empowering women in business to the next level by joining the “Women in Charge” panel in tribute to International Women’s Day.  Along with three other amazing women leaders, Hedy shared pieces of her story and inspired a new wave of female entrepreneurship and empowerment.

I’m the same me at work as I am at home.  I really live by authenticity and relatability. I do something stupid daily, and I tell everyone about it.  Being honest and being okay with your own failures and being vulnerable at times in the workplace is super important whether you are working with men or women.  I think it builds character and shows people you are real and relatable.  I try to stand by who I am.” – Hedy Popson, CEO

Having Hedy on such an impressive panel highlights not just her achievements but also how Productions Plus is pushing forward the role of women in the industry. We’re known for our work in voice-over, film, commercials, and more, standing tall as a beacon of female empowerment.

This Women’s History Month, we’re all about looking back at our journey and the huge steps we’ve taken towards gender equality and empowerment. With our roots as a WNEBC-certified, women-led agency, we’re setting the stage for future generations of women to lead and succeed in everything they do.

Moving forward, we stay true to our core values of diversity, inclusion, and excellence. Every Product Specialist, Brand Ambassador, and talent we work with is part of a bigger story that celebrates women’s achievements and contributions. So, let’s honor this month and the boundless opportunities waiting for women in business and creativity. Here’s to empowering women in business every single day!

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