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Becoming an Automotive Product Specialist

What is an Automotive Product Specialist?

An Automotive Product Specialist is a pivotal role within the auto show and event industry, representing major automotive brands across the United States. At Productions Plus, a Product Specialist serves as the face of these brands, providing in-depth knowledge and enthusiastic presentations to engage and inform attendees. This role combines the expertise of a talent agency professional with the approachability of a top-tier host, ensuring that visitors leave with a lasting, positive impression of the brand.

Want more info?  Check out Maggie’s “day in the life” of a Product Specialist video. Maggie was also recently a guest on the Productions Plus Podcast. Listen in for her insights on how to get started in the industry!

The Role of a Product Specialist

Product Specialists are more than just knowledgeable representatives; they are the embodiment of the brand’s values and innovations. Whether stationed at a bustling auto show or an exclusive promotional event, they deliver compelling narratives about the latest automotive technologies and design advancements. Their responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrating vehicle features and benefits through interactive presentations and discussions.
  • Answering detailed questions about car specifications, performance data, and industry trends.
  • Engaging with potential customers, helping to generate excitement and interest in new models.
  • Providing personalized experiences that cater to the interests of diverse audiences, including multilingual talent to accommodate non-English speakers.

How to Audition with Productions Plus

Auditioning to become a Product Specialist with Productions Plus is a unique opportunity to step into a role that places you at the forefront of the automotive industry. Here’s how you can audition:

  1. Application Process: Start by visiting the Productions Plus website and downloading our P+ App to create a profile. Additionally, you will need to fill out an application.   Applications for 2024 will close on May 31st
  2. Resume and Headshot: Upload a professional resume, current headshot and a full-length photo.  You will also have the option to upload a promotional resume. Your resume(s) should highlight any experience in public speaking, promotional activities, or roles where you’ve acted as a brand representative. Experience in automotive sectors, though advantageous, is not mandatory.
  3. Initial Screening: Productions Plus reviews applications to select candidates who best fit each of our client’s needs and the specific requirements of the role. This will include assessing your relevant experience, ability to interact with others, your knowledge of the automotive industry, and whether you have proficiency in multiple languages.
  4. Audition Day: Selected candidates will be invited to create an introduction audition video, as well as a presentation audition video following a specific script.  These videos will be shown to various clients who are selecting new team members.   Selections are often based on geographic need – meaning whether they need talent in the city where you reside, as well as multi-lingual needs.
  5. Follow-Up: Post-audition, the team at Productions Plus will contact you to discuss the next steps. This could involve further interviews or immediate onboarding, depending on the urgency of the event schedule and your availability.

Becoming a Product Specialist with Productions Plus offers a dynamic career path with the opportunity to work at high-profile auto shows and promotional events across the country. It’s a chance to develop a diverse skill set that includes public speaking, brand promotion, and audience engagement—all while representing some of the most exciting automotive brands in the industry. If you’re passionate about cars and love interacting with people, this could be the perfect role for you.

Male automotive product specialist speaking with consumer
male automotive product specialist in front of vehicle with microphone

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