Child actor and model represented by Productions Plus Theatrical division

Breaking into Acting and Modeling for Kids

Welcome to the exciting world of child acting and modeling! If you’re considering guiding your child into the entertainment industry, Productions Plus offers a robust theatrical division dedicated to nurturing young talents in child acting and modeling. A great starting point is our podcast, “Productions Plus Podcast,” where in a recent episode, CEO Hedy Popson and Theatrical Agent Debbie Williams discuss valuable insights on how to get your “Kids in the Biz.

Step 1: Assessing Interest and Comfort in Front of the Camera

The journey into child acting and modeling begins with a candid conversation between our agent and the parents to gauge not only the child’s interest but also their availability. It’s crucial for kids to be comfortable with speaking and being themselves on camera. During this initial assessment, we look for the essential qualities such as drive, charisma, and that special “it” factor—the undeniable charm that makes a child stand out.

Parents play a pivotal role here. While you don’t need to be available around-the-clock, flexibility is key to managing auditions and call-backs successfully.

Step 2: Representation Decision and Preparing Your Portfolio

Should we decide to represent your child in child acting and modeling, the next step is creating a compelling portfolio. This includes high-quality photos that showcase your child’s personality through a variety of expressions and poses, including headshots and full-body shots. Regular updates to this portfolio are crucial as your child grows and changes. Searching for “child actor submission photos” online can provide you with great examples and standards to follow. Your child will need a profile within the Productions Plus app so that you can upload your child’s photos and update their stats on an ongoing basis.

Step 3: Training and Behavior

Even the most adorable child needs to behave professionally on set. We recommend some foundational training, which might include on-camera classes, theater programs, and monologue training. This not only improves their skills but also their discipline and professionalism.

A Pro Tip from Debbie

One effective technique for practice is to have your child watch commercials, pick one featuring a child and imagine themselves in that role. They can then act out the commercial, allowing both of you to compare their performance with the original. This exercise is excellent for identifying areas where your child can improve their acting and speaking skills.

Step 4: Making a Strong First Impression

The initial interaction or “hello” can significantly impact how agents and casting directors view your child. This greeting is your child’s opportunity to shine and leave a memorable impression.

Looking Ahead

Make sure to tune into the next episode of our podcast, where Hedy and Debbie will discuss how to handle rejections—a common part of the acting and modeling journey, and an essential learning experience for both parents and children.

By following these steps and leveraging resources like our podcast, you can navigate the complexities of child acting and modeling more effectively. Remember, at Productions Plus, we’re here to guide you and your child through every step of this exciting journey.

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