Ken Paul Smith, Automotive Product Specialist, stands in front of Nissan vehicle

P+ Product Specialists Go Virtual with Nissan!

Our Product Specialists regularly appear beyond auto shows, and often help with major product launches and new vehicle reveals!  Productions Plus was very excited to further our longstanding relationship with Nissan by continuing in the virtual automotive world.  We recently provided several Product Specialists for various Nissan virtual events – everything from livestreams to pre-recorded vehicle videos, and all to benefit Nissan’s 2021 NEXT Experience.

Veteran Product Specialist, Ken Paul Smith featured in Nissan's virtual walk-around.

Veteran team members including Ken Paul Smith, Becky Decker, Ashley Carey, Kelly McComb, Orion Carrington, and others conducted in-depth vehicle walkarounds, followed by live Q & A sessions with virtual audiences.  They appeared in conjunction with Nissan executives to showcase the brand’s evolution and a range of exciting new vehicles.

Nissan product specialist Kelly stands in front of yellow Nissan Z

Using their thorough brand and product training, coupled with many years (and sometimes decades!) of related experience, these outstanding Product Specialists helped bring the Nissan vehicles to life.  They also helped potential customers understand the key components, new technologies, and the features, advantages, and benefits to assist in their car buying journey.

Using a beautiful stage and studio, along with a wide-reaching platform, our talented performers brought their unique energy and enthusiasm to a setting where the car is the star.  Productions Plus is proud to work with wonderful talent and fantastic clients, and whether the event is virtual or in-person, we help make the most of every opportunity.  Way to go team Nissan!  We look forward to the NEXT evolution.

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