Self Tape Basics
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How to Master a Self Taped Audition

So, you want to be an actor?

Well, before you get invited to suit up in the latest superhero franchise-

You need to start AUDITIONING!


If you live in LA or NY, there are big studios casting ALL THE TIME for projects!

But wait… you don’t live in either of these major markets?

And you can’t afford to drive/fly to the coast for every project you’re asked to audition for?

Don’t Panic. We live in the digital age, and MOST projects accept taped auditions! And many agencies, like ours, will film an audition for you.


We do it for free!

But if yours doesn’t, you can also pay many private studios to coach and film you.

BUT if it’s after hours or you need to turn around a project quickly, you need to become a black belt in the art of the SELF-TAPE.

Think of Productions Plus as your sensei because we are starting a new series of videos to help you perfect this practice.

Wax On, Neil.

Did you take notes? Here’s what we want to make sure you didn’t miss-

Make sure you are well lit. Shadows are no one’s friend.

And competition is fierce. Don’t make casting guess at what you look like.

Don’t let the background steal focus. Keep it as plain and simple as you can.

Hang a sheet or find a blank wall because an unmade bed behind you is not the way to fast-track to stardom.

Frame yourself properly. The crazy thing is most actors shoot from the wrong direction with their phones.

Resist the vertical! It feels wrong but holding your phone horizontal is so, so right.

Did you know casting directors will reject submissions if they are shot wrong?

Don’t take that risk. You’ve been practicing your lines for too long.


Because you should be off book. Or at least holding your script out of frame.

This is acting! Not reading ????

Let’s talk about eyelines next, because you shouldn’t be looking into the camera unless instructed.

Trust us.

You look really crazy. And maybe that’s the role you were going for, but superheroes are not usually the crazy ones.

Except maybe when Robert Downey Jr. is the star.

But RDJ probably doesn’t need to self-tape anymore, sooooo…..

Always have someone to read with you off camera. You can and should look and react to them as you would an onscreen partner.

Got a take you like? Make sure you send that submission back to your agent properly.

Never send huge movie files on in an email. Servers will reject them or compress them to a grainy quality.

We like Google Drive, Drop Box or We transfer.

And when you’re ready to take your training a step further… We’ll have more videos coming in the upcoming weeks covering topics like:

– Self-Tape Lighting
– Self-Tape Equipment
– Self-Tape Slating
– And more!

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to thank us in your awards acceptance speech.

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