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How To Become An Automotive Product Specialist

Want the latest info on how to become an Automotive Product Specialist?  Check out this updated blog post for 2024.

Our recruitment teams spend all year scouring the country for the nations best talent to represent major automotive brands at tradeshows and events. From gearheads to former beauty queens, there is a huge range of who can be the “right fit” for a particular brand.

Think you have what it takes to talk cars for a living? Make sure you know the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions before applying.

When is the Auto Show season?

Auto Show Product Specialist

The auto show season runs like a school year, September- May. Most team trainings happen during the summer prior to the start of that season. Most brands also have events and pop-ups throughout the year that also require Product Specialists. Once on a team, you can expect to travel anywhere between 30-100 days a year. This number varies by team and experience level. If you have other jobs and commitments that might conflict with regular travel, it’s important that you discuss this with the recruitment team BEFORE being placed with a brand.

What is the difference between a Product Specialist (PS) and a Local Hire Brand Ambassador (BA)?

A PS is a person who is a trained product expert. They have been hand-selected by the automotive client and have attended an in-depth yearly training. PS are given a season schedule and day rate. When they travel, their airfare and lodging are arranged and provided by P+/their client. Their product knowledge is tested throughout the season and they are expected to participate in an ongoing study.

A Local Hire Brand Ambassador is hired on a per-show basis. They are paid a day rate and per diem, but no travel or lodging is provided. Their jobs usually do not require product knowledge. Most Product Specialists start as a Brand Ambassador.

I am interested in booking multiple shows as a BA. How do I go about booking in advance?

Automotive Brand Ambassador

Please note, we always consider/book true local BAs first for all major auto shows. However, if you are interested and available, we advise reaching out to our recruiters within 3-5 weeks of the show. We will consider you for the locations you are requesting, but please keep in mind local BAs from that market will be considered first, unless requested by the client. Our clients do make all final BA selections for all auto shows and most auto events.

Why does Productions Plus try to book true local Brand Ambassadors at all Auto Shows?

We try to book true locals for all major markets for a couple of reasons. One, we are always looking to expand our markets for new talent to join our P+ community in the area. These are also commonly requested markets by our clients where they are actively looking to have PS join their team (being they are near major airports).

How do I become a Product Specialist?

Toyota Product Specialist

There are several ways to get your foot in the door as an Automotive Product Specialist. One is to schedule a Skype/Facetime interview with our recruiting team. Another is to work as a local hire at an automotive event and get a glowing review from your supervisor. Previous brand ambassador experience is always preferred.

What is an audition video?

A Product Specialist audition video is different than the brand ambassador videos we request for auto shows and events. The PS audition video is a way for you to introduce yourself to our clients. If we think you would be a good candidate for one of our teams, we will email you instructions in the late spring/early summer. This email will provide a sample of our video expectations. Once you submit your video along with the other pertinent information requested via the invitation email, you are officially in the running for team placement. The team placement process can take several months. Please keep in touch with us and let us know if you accept another position that would make you unavailable for team placement.

Who decides what team I belong on?

As the industry leader, we have over 17 major automotive brands that we currently cast for. We as an agency know which of our candidates matches the demographic needs of a specific team but our clients make the final selection.

If I don’t want to travel with the Auto Show, what other jobs can Productions Plus-The Talent Shop help me get?

We are a nationwide theatrical and staffing agency. Daily, we hire phenomenal people all over the United States to work tradeshows, events, promotions and in-store demonstrations. Our SAG-AFTRA theatrical agency is headquartered in Detroit but we submit theatrical talent in all major markets. Registering with our agency does not automatically result in theatrical representation.

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