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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes look at Productions Plus’ remarkable journey at CES 2024! This year, we’ve outdone ourselves, partnering with leading brands across various industries to create unforgettable experiences at one of the tech world’s most anticipated events.  From Google’s innovative activations to BMW’s dynamic representation, our talented team played a pivotal role in bringing these brands to life. Join us as we delve into the highlights of our collaborations and discover how our Product Specialists, Brand Ambassadors, and talented performers made CES 2024 a phenomenal success.

Google: We had the pleasure of staffing five activations across four unique footprints, brought to life by our team of 59 talented individuals. Each activation was a testament to the skill and dedication of our team.

Brand Ambassador for Google at CES during a tech event staffing success.

Business France: Our bilingual French-speaking Brand Ambassador perfectly represented the essence of Business France, embodying the cultural and linguistic nuances needed for an authentic experience.

Harman Automotive: We showcased our versatility with four Presenters and three Brand Ambassadors, each delivering wonderful performances and bringing their expertise to represent Harman Automotive’s innovative offerings.

Nikon: Our talented Emcee was the voice of Nikon at CES, engaging audiences and showcasing the brand in their vision for the future.

Mercedes-Benz: 24 Product Specialists and Brand Ambassadors from Productions Plus were the face of Mercedes-Benz, sharing their knowledge and passion for the brand with attendees and test drive

Group of Product Specialists at Mercedes-Benz display at CES during a tech event staffing success.

BMW: With two Team Leads, 17 Brand Ambassadors, and two social media Actors, our team represented BMW with professionalism and enthusiasm, highlighting the brand’s latest innovations.

Dolby: For Dolby, we had one Field Marketing Manager and 24 Brand Ambassadors, creating an immersive experience that truly represented Dolby’s commitment to excellence in sound.

Constellium: Our two Brand Ambassadors for Constellium skillfully communicated the brand’s vision and innovations, adding another layer of expertise to our diverse portfolio at CES.

A huge thank you to our amazing partner agencies for entrusting Productions Plus with the responsibility of staffing and representing your esteemed brands at CES. It’s been an honor to contribute to one of the most significant tech trade shows of the year. We look forward to more tech event staffing successes in the future.

About Productions Plus

Productions Plus is a renowned talent management agency specializing in providing brand representation and promotional staffing solutions. With a track record spanning over 40 years, Productions Plus has established itself as a leader in delivering exceptional event staffing, automotive marketing services, theatrical representation and extensive research capabilities. Their commitment to excellence and their diverse roster of experienced professionals make them a go-to choice for companies seeking impactful and engaging marketing strategies.

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