Group of Lexus Product Specialists at Barrett Jackson event

What an Event-Ful January at Productions Plus

Celebrating a Month of Success and Energy as a Premiere Event Staffing Agency

January has been a remarkable month at Productions Plus, and we’re excited to share the successes and vibrant energy that defined it. As a premiere event staffing agency, our focus has always been on delivering exceptional experiences at various events and conferences. This month was no exception.

Exceptional Talent in Action

Our teams, comprising skilled Emcees, Field Market Managers, Product Specialists, and Brand Ambassadors, have showcased their talent across the USA. From bustling conference halls to dynamic automotive events, they’ve represented the premiere event staffing agency that is Productions Plus with distinction. Their multilingual talent and promotional expertise have not only represented brands impeccably but also created memorable interactions, setting a high standard in the industry.

Acknowledging Our Team’s Dedication

Female Brand Ambassadors representing Lexus at Rolex 24 in Daytona represented by Productions Plus as premiere staffing agency

A big shout-out to our internal staff and the talent who’ve made this success possible! Your dedication and hard work are the cornerstones of our staffing excellence. It’s your effort that cements our status as a premiere event staffing agency in the field.

Key Activations in January

We are proud to highlight some of our key activations this January, which included:

  • Multiple brands at Rolex 24 at Daytona
  • Toyota at the Lakers Game in Los Angeles
  • McLaren at Concours Club in Miami
  • Mercedes Vans at the Tampa RV Show
  • Audi at Aspen Gay Ski Week
  • Barrett-Jackson for Lexus
  • Multiple brands at CES
  • Auto Shows in San Diego, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Houston, and more for various brands

These events showcased the breadth and versatility of Productions Plus as a premiere event staffing agency, underlining our commitment to quality and excellence in every project.

Nissan Product Specialists at an auto show represented by Productions Plus as premiere staffing agency

Looking Forward

As a leading talent and promotional agency, we are thrilled to maintain this momentum and continue offering top-notch theatrical representation, voice-over talents, and promo modeling.

Stay tuned for more updates from Productions Plus – your go-to choice for premiere event staffing solutions.

.About Productions Plus

Productions Plus is a renowned talent management agency specializing in providing brand representation and promotional staffing solutions. With a track record spanning over 40 years, Productions Plus has established itself as a leader in delivering exceptional event staffing, automotive marketing services, theatrical representation and extensive research capabilities. Their commitment to excellence and their diverse roster of experienced professionals make them a go-to choice for companies seeking impactful and engaging marketing strategies.

For more information on how to work with Productions Plus to staff your next event please contact us.

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