Amy Emmatty, CRO, sharing Chicago Auto Show Consumer Insights during recent What Drives Her panel discussion

Unveiling Auto Show Insights: Pioneering Consumer Insights

In the bustling world of automotive showcases, the Chicago Auto Show stands as a beacon for car enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. Productions Plus, with its sterling reputation as a leading talent and promotional agency, has recently ventured into an insightful exploration of the auto show’s impact on consumer behavior and purchase decisions. Spearheading this initiative, Amy Emmatty, our Chief Research Officer, unveiled compelling findings from the What Drives Her 2024 Survey to measure Chicago Auto Show consumer insights.  The results? A resounding affirmation of the show’s significance in the automotive buying journey.

A Deep Dive into Attendee Intentions

Partnering with the Chicago Auto Show, our research division embarked on a mission to gauge the intentions and outlook of auto show attendees. Surveying 2,708 prior Auto Show attendees, we sought to understand not just the “if” but the “why” behind their plans to revisit the show in 2024. The findings were as clear as they were striking: an overwhelming 95% of respondents expressed their eagerness to return for the next show. This statistic alone speaks volumes about the show’s allure and its pivotal role in the automotive community.

The Auto Show Through a Consumer Lens

The survey peeled back the layers of female attendee experiences, revealing the auto show as more than just an exhibition. For nearly 9 out of 10 women surveyed, it represents the ultimate venue to witness the latest automotive innovations firsthand. Notably, 34% appreciated the absence of high-pressure sales environments, highlighting the show’s unique position as a no-stress zone for car exploration, and 70% appreciated the ease of shopping multiple brands in one location.

The gender dynamics of auto purchasing were a focal point of our study. A significant 55% of female respondents identified the auto show as their preferred platform for learning about new car technologies. This insight is particularly enlightening, underscoring the event’s role in empowering female car buyers—a demographic historically underserved by the traditional dealership model.

Graphic depicting Chicago Auto Show consumer insights survey results

Shining a Spotlight on Female Perspectives

Amy Emmatty’s participation in the “What Drives Her” panel discussion at the Chicago Auto Show on February 8, 2024, was not just a platform to share these revelations but also a moment to highlight the evolving landscape of female automotive research and purchasing behavior.  Amy, along with other female automotive executive panelists, led discussion, rich with insights and shared experiences, emphasizing the need for the automotive industry to continue adapting to the diverse needs of all its consumers, especially women.

“I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to share the stage with such remarkable women in the automotive industry during the ‘What Drives Her’ panel. Collaborating with Jennifer Morand, the General Manager of the Chicago Auto Show, to conduct a survey of past attendees was an enriching experience that not only allowed us to delve deeper into female consumer insights but also showcased the invaluable perspectives women bring to the automotive world. This partnership and the insights garnered are a testament to the progressive strides we are making together in understanding and catering to the diverse needs of auto show attendees.”

– Amy Emmatty, Chief Research Officer at Productions Plus

Looking Ahead

Productions Plus remains at the forefront of blending talent solutions with groundbreaking research, offering unparalleled insights into consumer trends and behaviors. Our survey of 2023 Chicago Auto Show consumer insights, encapsulated in the What Drives Her discussion, is just one example of our commitment to driving forward the conversation around automotive purchasing and the experiential dynamics of auto shows. As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue contributing to the understanding of this ever-evolving industry, ensuring that our clients, talent, and the broader community stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned for more insights and explorations from Productions Plus, where research meets real-world applications in the most dynamic of settings.

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