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Workshop open to both existing and hopeful auto show narrators; led by seasoned trainers and skilled narrators

Auto Show NarratorProductions Plus is known for revolutionizing how the automotive world employs talent and is the training leader among automotive talent agencies. We first made our mark on the industry by pioneering the now-ubiquitous role of the product specialist when our founder introduced the concept of technical training for auto show models. Today, training is just as important as we continue to make our mark – and help our clients make theirs – with our unmatched capabilities and training offerings.

As part of those unique offerings, Productions Plus held its first all-brand Narration Workshop in January. While narration is part of the annual training we provide for many of our client brands, this class was the first to be offered “on the road” during the auto show season. Held around the Washington Auto Show in D.C., the workshop was open and free of charge to all P+ auto show team members interested in learning more about narration – either as a veteran fine-tuning their skills or a newer team member hoping to one day narrate on the auto show floor.

Auto show narrators must not only be expertly versed in their brand and its vehicle line-up, they must also be skilled communicators able to engage an audience, entertain a crowd and quickly adapt to feedback and audience participation. It’s one of the toughest jobs to land on an auto show team, and it’s also one of the most coveted: narrators are among the most highly-compensated product specialists. Workshop programming covered best practices, including bi-lingual narration, and optional live practice by product specialists who wanted feedback and critique. More than 20 product specialists attended the workshop led by P+’s Director of Training and longtime narrator and host Matt Troyer, veteran auto show narrators Sherhara Williams and Saul Ibarra, and P+ Talent Division Group Director and entertainment industry veteran Halie Rosenberg.

Are you interested in being on one of our phenomenal auto show teams?

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