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Our president, Hedy Popson, was recently featured in a WABC 7 interview about the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). In her interview, Hedy discusses our agency’s role at auto shows. She details the high level of training our talent receive before stepping on site and their capability to have high-level, informed conversations with consumers. Hedy hopes this type of discourse continues to change the perceptions of patrons attending these shows, as she herself was once a talent, continuously challenged to prove her automotive and brand knowledge.

Productions Plus is proud to staff over 450 product specialists and brand ambassadors at NYIAS this year. The show runs through April 8th, 2018.

Video Transcription

WABC 7 Reporter: Hedy Popson is president of Productions Plus a talent agency with offices here in New York that staff auto shows with extensively trained product specialists.

Hedy Popson: The car is definitely the star, but the car can’t talk for itself, so we have to bring somebody there that can bring the car to life.

We’re going to have close to 450 people on the floor at the New York Auto Show.

It allows these people to be the face of the brand, that have experience in talking with people in an engaging manner, marketing backgrounds, acting backgrounds.

So a little bit more polished perhaps than the average person.

WABC 7 Reporter: The profession has come a long way since Hedy started herself as a so-called “spin and grin” girl.

Hedy Popson: You’re not coming up to ask me anymore. “Do you come with the car?” That question is pretty much gone for a change.

Sonia Capitant (Product Specialist): A lot of times I get the question. “Who do I talk to who knows about the car?” And I always answer, “that’s me.”

We go through an intensive week-long training. We drive the cars on the track, so we know a lot about them.

WABC 7 Reporter: And the Auto Show is after-all a show.

Product specialists wear specific wardrobes, know their lines, and the cars inside and out. And sometimes they work an entire run of an auto show season. September through April in 83 different cities.

They’re passionate about these car companies, they love engaging with consumers, they love the life of a trade show.

Hedy Popson: Auto shows are really fun.

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