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Brand Marketing is about lasting impressions. If you want to increase brand awareness and sales, you need to be doing in-store product demonstrations. Here is why.

Build Brand AwarenessProduct Model Demonstration

A product demonstrator’s primary function is more than just selling a product. It is also building brand awareness. When hiring a product
demonstrator, you are giving yourself an edge up over other brands with similar products.

Product demonstrators are specialists in your products and brand. They are there to make sure consumers understand your product, see how it stands apart from other options on shelves, and learn why your product is the one for them.

This helps to leave a lasting impression on consumers. They will remember your product when they are ready to purchase.

Increase Sales

Extensive studies conducted on retail product demonstrations reveal that in-store sampling and demos increase same-day sales, long-term purchasing habits, brand franchise sales, and total basket size of the average shopper. With that kind of power to influence sales, how could you not hire a product demonstrator?

Our friends at Bed Bath and Beyond provided some statistics from Q4, where we demonstrated a variety of new products during the holiday season. BBB tracks sales by month in three ways: sales at demo stores, sales at non-demo stores, and sales at demo stores on days when no demos were executed. Demo stores sold 650% more units than non-demo stores.

The demo stores also sold 300% more units than non-demo stores on days when demos were not executed. A five-hour demonstration had a positive effect on that store’s sales throughout the rest of the week.

Impact Future SalesProduct Model Demonstration

A good demonstration program should have a lasting effect on sales over time. Immediate sales are a good way to track the performance of the demonstration, but what about future sales?

Bridal and Baby Registry sales should be tracked as well. Many of the brands we work with want to know how many people signed up for a registry during the demo, in addition to the immediate sales that day.

Generate Leads

Lead generation is a great way to get to know who your consumers are and what their level of interest is, ultimately leading to sales in the future. Is your product an impulse buy? If isn’t, perhaps consumers need to discuss the purchase with a spouse or friend. This is a great opportunity for lead generation.

Get the consumers’ names, invite them back next weekend with their spouse, or ask if they would like to receive a newsletter and specials deals via email. Lead generation is a valuable way to connect with your consumers, and to keep the line of communication open, which can lead to future sales.

Get to Know What Consumers Really ThinkProduct Model Demonstration

Demos can tell you what potential consumers like or dislike about your product.
Even if you don’t sell a single thing during a demo, it is a great opportunity for your team to find out what consumers really think.

Do they like the color options? Is the machine too big for their counter? Do they question the price over the value? Which gender or age range shows the most interest in your product? What are their reasons for not purchasing? Do they know your brand? Where did they hear about your product? All of this information can influence your future marketing efforts and updates to your product.

The time is right to scale up spending on marketing platforms that are closer to the point of purchase. Long-term, consistent demonstration programs create direct relationships with shoppers and drive more measurable results. Productions Plus can help you plan your program and find the right demonstrators for your brand.


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