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Productions Plus takes training seriously. Sending talent out into the field without proper training is like asking them to demo a machine blindfolded — with their hands tied behind their back!

Here are Productions Plus’s top 5 training tips for a successful demonstration program.

1. Use Certified Training FacilitatorsTraining Services

We have certified training facilitators on staff. They know how to customize trainings for the brand and for the specific program being executed. Using a certified trainer along with a brand representative ensures that everything from customer engagement and sales to brand history and product knowledge will be covered.

2. Train In-Person Whenever Possible

Face to face, hands-on training is always best. Not only do you get to know your demonstrators on a more personal level, but they also get to know you and the product they will be demoing on a more personal level. This builds trust quickly. It also allows the talent to use the product and work out any kinks before stepping into a store.

3. Give Talent Brand Knowledge

A demonstrator needs to know about your company. Sharing the history of the brand and its core mottoes provides a retail product demonstrator a more intimate look behind the scenes, which results in them becoming more invested in the demo program.

4. Show Talent How to Do Itraining facilitators

If you can’t hold your training in person, you should still consider how you can show the talent how the product is used. A presentation deck is not the same as a live video conference with you. Many brands also send the talent the product ahead of time so they can walk them through its functionality during a conference call in a hands-on way.

5. Keep Talent on Their Toes

Your demonstrators are out there in the field representing your brand. You want to be sure they know how to handle tough questions, and that they retained all the information you provided. Consider sending your talent a quiz to see where you may need to retrain or put additional focus.

Let Us Help You

For our in-store product demonstrators, Productions Plus also holds regional training intensives with our certified trainers to teach additional customer engagement and sales education. To learn more about our customized trainings, contact us.


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