Lisa Negri

Executive Director, Automotive

    Lisa has over 27 years of all-encompassing experience in automotive marketing, and has made a name for herself as passionate, results-driven management professional with a proven record of success.   

    Lisa’s area of expertise has been managing multi-million dollar budgets for intricate concurrent projects, from inception to completion; including estimating, purchasing and tracking, with an emphasis on measurement and efficiency. She takes special pride in consistently coming in under budget and surpassing client expectations.

    Lisa’s agency background has given her a deep understanding of client service, especially for the specific personalities and demands of the automotive industry.  She has great skills for enhancing consumer engagement and loyalty, and both a passion for and deep experience with brand development.

    She joined Productions Plus – The Talent Shop in July of 2013.  

    Origins:                               Lisa proudly hails from her beloved Pittsburgh, PA.

    Current Home:                 Bingham Farms, Michigan

    Education:                         BFA from Ohio University’s School of Theater

    Passion Points:                  Hiking, knitting, biking and going to the theater

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