Lisa Bales

Director, Automotive

    With over 14 years’ experience in both the Automotive and Experiential industries, Lisa has come full circle.  Starting off as an auto show Product Specialist for General Motors, Lisa now manages auto show teams for three of GM’s brands.  With her personal experience on the show floor, Lisa can relate to her teams and understand the job being asked of them.

    Relying on her organization and communication skills, Lisa successfully manages over 110 talent plus several clients.  Lisa navigates client needs and expectations as it relates to budget, strategy, and productivity daily.  She believes in being transparent with clients and teams, working hard and having fun while doing it!


    “It’s better to feel uncomfortable pushing for more than feel uncomfortable settling for less.”


    Origins: Detroit, MI

    Current Home: Ferndale, MI

    Education:  Indiana University, Bachelor of Arts in Apparel Merchandising, with minors in Business and Sociology

    Passion Points: Walking, biking, cooking, animals and the city of Detroit!

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