On every week or weekend from fall to spring, there’s usually an auto show taking place somewhere in the U.S.  Many are surprised to learn that auto shows occur in over 80 cities, and not just the major metropolitan areas. Productions Plus talent are showcased at all of them and are ready to bring every automotive activation to life!  Small, medium and large-sized cities all participate, showcasing the cars and trucks of today and tomorrow. Here is a rundown of the four largest auto shows in the country.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Usually occurring in late November and early December, the LA Auto Show is typically the first “major” auto show of the “season.” The entire footprint of the Los Angeles Convention Center is filled with activity – from new vehicle launches, product reveals, and high-profile press events, to numerous ride and drive experiences, and even an entire section dedicated to customized rides and exotics. Show managers boast that on average, attendees spend up to 5 hours at the auto show. Prior to the official opening, AutoMobility has been a big event preceding the LA Auto Show. This is a forum for new technology and alternative fuel vehicles to be highlighted, along with panel discussions about the future of mobility and unique solutions from industry experts.

Productions Plus is proud to represent a majority of brands at this show and provide the staff seen in the featured displays. To put it in a different perspective, out of all staff working at LA Auto Show displays, over half of them come from Productions Plus. Our teams of Product Specialists bring the LA Show to life and proudly engage the Los Angeles consumers. Everyone from a luxury car collector, to a family of five looking for a new SUV, or an outdoors enthusiast scouting rides with performance and cargo room, can experience something fun at this show. Crowds come in droves to see the latest and greatest offerings, including interactive booths and displays, and even celebrity guests.

With an eye toward the creative, displays at the LA Auto Show are always geared toward a fun experience for consumers. There are interactive engagements including Virtual Reality experiences and crowd-pleasing game shows. Stop by a few of the booths on any given day, and you’ll probably see a professional athlete or two making an autograph appearance. LA Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings, Galaxy, and now the Rams, can be spotted, along with the world-famous Laker Girls. You might just bump into a Hollywood celebrity kicking tires too. Afterward, you can stop by LA Live – an area next door that is filled with restaurant choices and nightlife.

Auto Shows We Staff

Out of all staff working at LA Auto Show displays, over half of them come from Productions Plus.

VW at NAIAS 2018


The founding event, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), is the official name for the “biggest auto show in the world,” also known as the Detroit Auto Show. This is still considered the biggest due to all of the worldwide media attention. While it’s not the most-attended auto show (that title belongs to Chicago), the NAIAS gets closer and closer to the million-visitor mark each year. Detroit is still the Motor City and reminds us of this every January when COBO Hall, located downtown, takes center stage. The entire automotive community descends on this city knowing there will be exciting announcements from major car companies, sometimes years in the making. A week-long parade of media events, industry preview days and even a black-tie charity gala precede the week and a half that the show is then open to the public.

This auto show is also the site of some very elegant, unique, and stylish automotive displays, which are happily adorned by some very elegant, polished, and professional staff from Productions Plus! Once again, we provide hundreds of Product Specialists, Brand Ambassadors, Hosts, Presenters, and other staff to bring brands to life and help tell their story. Want to see futuristic concept cars, major vehicle launches, and redesigns? The NAIAS is the place to see them first. Our talented staff has continued to have a huge presence at the Detroit Auto Show since our company’s founding nearly 40 years ago. We know this show inside and out, and with our company headquarters nearby, we proudly represent Detroit!

Chicago Auto Show

Just when you thought a convention center couldn’t get any busier with eager consumers, here comes the Chicago Auto Show. Every February Productions Plus sends huge teams of our talented automotive staff to the Second City to represent OEMs and other brands at McCormick Place. Many say this convention center is the largest in the U.S., and the crowds that pour inside to see the exciting cars, trucks, and SUVs make that a hard point to argue. Chicago usually takes the crown for the most attended auto show each year and brings in over one million visitors throughout the 10-12 days the show takes place.

Consumers can easily fill an entire day or more at this show because, in addition to the usual automotive displays, there are even indoor ride & drive courses, showing new technology, off-road capabilities (yes, still indoors!), and vehicle safety features. The Chicago show has a little bit of everything, including family brands, luxury cars, and EVs and hybrids. All manufacturers have their full lineups on display, knowing just how many people came to see the excitement.

To help give voice to the cars, Productions Plus brings in nearly 500 staff to serve all of our clients. We staff positions including Product Specialists, Brand Ambassadors, Booth Announcers, and Lead Generators, all of whom are ready to assist with the family-friendly games and interactive components that add an exciting dose of entertainment, as well as provide in-depth vehicle knowledge.

Chicago Autoshow 2018
Audi at 2018 NYIAS

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Near the end of the season, the New York International Auto Show is a spectacular show that is as big and exciting as the borough that’s playing host. The Jacob Javits Center, located on Manhattan’s west side, is the stage on which this show is set. As a fleet of yellow cabs and black cars drop guests off out front, a bigger fleet of cars is located just inside. After walking through the beautiful glass pavilion known as the Crystal Palace, you will see every square foot of real estate taken up by phenomenal automotive displays. There are so many cars on-site, that several Halls and Levels of this convention center are needed to house everything. It’s common for car companies to have multiple displays at this show: cars upstairs, and trucks & SUVs downstairs. Along with unique customs and exotics down the main hallway, which leads into yet another busy hall of cars.

The New York Show receives an incredible amount of media attention as well. With public days traditionally beginning on Good Friday and thus taking place in either March or April each year, this auto show looks to leave a grand-scale impression on visitors who may be looking to buy a car soon, and know they can see everything in one place. Manufacturers usually make more big announcements here too. Whether it’s a new car of the future or a major redesign that will be for sale in the Fall, guests can expect to get some first-hand knowledge of what’s going on in the industry.

This Auto Show also brings nearly 500 staff from Productions Plus, who travel in to represent various brands. With crowds around the one million mark, the two weeks of this auto show demand our highly-trained staff be on their game. New Yorkers aren’t shy about actively engaging our representatives in order to discover the newest features of their favorite cars. And while there are plenty of bright lights and flashy stages at this show, the Product Specialists, Hosts, Brand Ambassadors, and VIP appearances really give this show its energy. You can expect to see exciting vehicle presentations on stages and platforms throughout the show, but also look to see celebrity DJs mixing music in the bed of pickup trucks (usually seen in the “Truck Zone” downstairs). You can also see entertaining Game Shows hosted by the elite presenters of Productions Plus, where “edu-tainment” is on full display along with prizes and giveaways to participants. Once again, there’s something for everyone at this auto show, and where you’re here, you have no doubt that you’re in NYC and you’re at one of the final anchors of the auto show season.

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