Merchandising Program

Dates available in February & March (dates will vary by location)

Pay Rate: $20/hour

Requires a 1 hour visit to each Point of Sales Location.

Position Summary: Primary job role is to merchandise the brand’s area within a store location according to guidelines sent via email and communicated on a training conference call. 1 hour is allocated per store. The employee is to report online and submit pictures within 24 hours of the completed merchandising. You must submit before and after pictures during your visit and pictures requested in the report of any inventory, display, or merchandising issues within the store.

  • Each store you are able to merchandise will need a 1 hour visit (time of day is flexible within a week period based on your schedule).
  • You can visit more than 1 store in a day if you are available – no more than an 8 hour day
  • Depending on the POS location, the frequency of visits will depend based on client planning
  • We need 100% commitment – once you confirm you can visit a location or multiple, we are counting on your commitment to visit and merchandise, clean and prepare the store for a busy promotional period
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