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Productions Plus – The Talent Shop had been in the event staffing business for over 35 years and has continued to be a leader in product promotions and brand awareness.

We take pride in hiring only the best brand ambassadors who are highly trained and love what they do which shows in the success of each and every event.

 Brand Ambassadors Create Brand Awareness

Whether you use online marketing, social media, or a variety of other ways to promote brand awareness, using brand ambassadors is an excellent way to promote your product and get it in front of consumers out in the field.

Using brand ambassadors is an effective way to introduce your company, promote your services, and create brand awareness. This is an excellent direction for business owners who are just launching, and for already established ones to increase their sales.

Brand Ambassadors Build Brand Relationships

Having loyal, long-time customers tends to be one the most important building blocks to a successful business. Through word-of-mouth recommendations, your current loyal customers are what helps bring in new clients and provide you with business stability in an unstable business world.

A lot of business owners lack the knowledge of how to create and build strong customer relationships. Productions Plus brand ambassadors can not only help build customer relationships but also get your name out there.

In a world saturated with advertising, having a creative event staffing company like Productions Plus – The Talent Shop, is exactly what you need to stand out. The process can be very simple if the proper techniques are used, in addition to different strategies that can be tailored to individual types of consumers.

Brand Ambassadors Foster Feedback from Your Customers

Good customer relations should always include keeping the lines of communication open between your company and your customers. Using brand ambassadors enables clients to regularly interact with a representative of your company face to face. This gives consumers the ability to offer opinions, ask questions, and sample your company’s newest products. Research shows that when customers are able to interact through multiple methods of communication, they tend to be far more loyal.

Consumers love to get something for free. Having people sample your products and also provide coupons, shows your customers you value their opinion. It also shows them that you’re aware of how tough the economy is and that you are willing to offer your products at a discount so they can afford to purchase them.

Brand Ambassadors Provide a Face for the Brand

Having face to face interaction is the most effective selling techniques in today’s business world. It makes your business more personable and more accessible. This creates client loyalty and puts you a step ahead of your competition.

We make sure our brand ambassadors are equipped with intimate details about your company. This makes it easy for the talent to answer any questions about your products. We train our staff before each event so they are prepared to represent your business and make it possible for potential prospects to walk away loyal customers.

Simply put, we set your stage with phenomenal people. We will make sure your event is staffed with engaging, articulate, educated and attractive brand ambassadors and promotional models who represent your brand the way you envisioned it.

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