Inspiring Data Driven Conversations

Productions Plus has been helping top brands tell their story for decades. Through research we can help inform and inspire stories via quantitative and qualitative research. We do this via Nationally Representative and Targeted samples leveraging respondents from across the country. We can also tap into the Productions Plus Talent Panel.



35,000+ Talent Panel

Tap into the expertise of our Talent Panel

Productions Plus Research has a nationwide database of Talent who actively participate in both quantitative and qualitative research. Our Talent are experts across a wide array of industries including Health and Beauty, Travel, Fitness, and Fashion. They are also experts in managing the gig economy.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Our team leverages online and offline methodologies for surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, communities and intercept interviewing to help brands make informed decisions and spark data driven conversations.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data Visualization

Creative Delivery

We bring the creative side to our data by creating engaging infographics and real-time dashboards for media friendly storytelling and data consumption.

We have launched Productions Plus Research as a way to inform and shape stories through data driven insights. 

Productions Plus Research is led by CMO/CRO, Amy Emmatty.

Amy brings more than 20 years research experience of working with clients to solve business challenges via data and insights.

As a researcher, Amy specializes in branding and positioning. She has led both corporate and product-branding initiatives across a range of clients including corporate, NGOs, non-profit, academic institutions and start-ups.  Much of her branding work has been focused on establishing emerging brands, repositioning companies following a crisis, and establishing credibility among key stakeholders.

In addition to her work on branding and brand positioning, Amy has experience with corporate reputation, customer experience, message and advertising testing, market assessment and segmentation, and media-grabbing public release research.

Amy Emmatty, CMO

Amy Emmatty, CMO
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