Engagement Metrics

To help our clients tell a more complete story about the impact of auto shows and experiential marketing event activations, we created a proprietary measurement solution. With this simple tool, trained Product Specialists or Brand Ambassadors can enter each of their consumer conversations for engagement documentation. An authentic conversation with a consumer can be easily vetted to measure: total number of consumer engagements, current ownership, traffic flow, change in purchase funnel stages, the length of conversation and product(s) of interest.

Unlike lead generation, this requires no personal data from the consumer, as the Product Specialist or Brand Ambassador is learning the information via their conversation. Once the conversation ends, the data entry requires less than five seconds of data entry by the talent on an iPad or other mobile device. Working alongside lead generation efforts, this provides valuable real-time metrics to our clients, helping them show the importance of experiential marketing and its impact in the consumer process.

Consumer Enagement Tracker Productions Plus
Consumer Engagement Tracking Dashboard


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