The Right Look for Your Brand

Productions Plus – The Talent Shop knows that the right aesthetics don’t happen by chance.

Fully-effective live marketing efforts require the right people with the right look – down to the laces of their shoes or points of their stilettos.

We provide our clients with a unique set of creative service offerings unmatched by the competition. Our in-house team of fashion designers, stylists, and wardrobe coordinators can create original designs and curate custom wardrobes for auto shows, trade shows, and other live events — as well as film, television, and print shoots.

Paired with our talent and staffing solutions, our customized creative services enhance our clients’ marketing visions with head-to-toe looks, high-end pieces, and costumes ranging from the subtle to the extraordinary.

Our Wardrobe Capabilities

To learn more about our wardrobe and styling services, check out our Wardrobe Capabilities Brochure or call us at (800)-437-9815.